Our Services

Our services are varied and reflect the changing economic environment. They include:
Business Transitions
For many of our clients who are business owners, Transition Planning helps clients prepare for the time when they will redefine their relationship to the business; when they can develop a business succession plan. Our approach emphasizes the use of financial modeling to determine what the owner needs, before determining the transition method. We can assist clients in the following situations:
Retention of the business for family members
Planned sale of the business to employees, co-stockholders or external buyers
Retention of the business by the client but with diminishing involvement in its operation
Contingency planning for either the sale or retention of the business in the event of the client’s premature death or disability
Asset Distribution and Estate Tax Planning
We offer concentrated experience in tax issues unique to successful business owners and wealthy families. Our services in this regard include:
Reduction of the current estate tax liability
Controlled growth of the estate tax as existing assets increase and new assets are added
Plan for payment of the estate tax
Coordination of planning for asset distribution and estate tax payment with a plan for the business and development of a plan for diversification of the owner’s capital base.
Tax or Legal services are not offered through or supervised by Lincoln Investment, or Capital Analysts.
Investment Advisory Services
The investment needs of individuals who are business owners or have accumulated significant wealth are different from  the needs of other investors. Our approach to investment advisory services takes this into account. We treat the client’s financial assets as a dynamic component of the client’s entire holdings. We use financial modeling to assist the client in:
Defining the amount and effective use of personal discretionary cash flow
Building capital resources apart from the business (capital diversification)
Identifying personal and corporate tax strategies
Designing investment strategies for personal, corporate and retirement plan portfolios.
Employee Benefit Programs
We review your existing employee benefit programs and, when needed, recommend changes for the purposes of reducing costs and/or restructuring benefits to meet your business objectives.
Retirement Planning
Our advisors help you develop a plan, which gives you the ability to retire when, and if, you choose. Their goal is to design strategies that will help sustain the income level and asset base you select for a more comfortable retirement.
Insurance Services
Insurance is a strategic tool used in a variety of situations which affect our clients. Insurance is not always a component of work we do for clients. But when it is, it plays a key role, the importance of which has led us to develop strong internal insurance consulting capabilities. Our internal capabilities give us the knowledge and the leverage with product providers to be superior advocates for our clients’ needs. Our extensive knowledge of insurance gives us the ability to:
minimize the amount of insurance required through superior case design
access proprietary products and features through a cooperative of firms who work with clients like ours
negotiate pricing and underwriting decisions, through multiple product companies, as advocates for the client instead of captive agents
directly monitor and assess the performance of insurance purchases to assure they are achieving the client’s objectives.
We also provide our clients with the following services:
Insurance analysis and performance monitoring
Insurance product performance audits