Introducing eMoney from KAF Wealth Management
KAF Wealth Management introduces eMoney a remote collaboration tool to help clients manage their complex financial world. eMoney allows our clients a wealth management solution that integrates every aspect of their finances. They can stay abreast of their insurance, mileage awards, accounts, brokers, stocks, mutual funds, lawyer, banker and CPA all in one centralized location. Your portfolio is automatically updated on a daily basis and with a click of your mouse you can keep track of your financial position anytime, anywhere. In a secure, password protected web based system that can be accessed anywhere you are. Instead of spending hours tracking down important documents or playing tag with your advisors you can logon to eMoney and access everything that impacts your financial picture. You can also create remote collaboration with your professional advisors to keep everyone on the same page saving you time. Whether you are in New England or Florida eMoney allows you to stay on top of everything that affects you financially.
For more information on eMoney please contact us at  781-356-2200. 
To login to your eMoney account online please visit: Your eMoney login